Tuition Assistance

Many parents wish to give their children a progressive education that nurtures and promotes their holistic development. However, the additional cost of tuition to the basic family budget can be challenging for some. At The Garden School, we strongly believe that finances should not prevent the enrollment of a child whose family is otherwise a good fit for our community. Through our Indexed Tuition Program, we provide inclusion opportunities for those families whose financial circumstances do not allow for the full payment of annual tuition.

The Garden School offers indexed tuition to qualified families. Our program is administered in so that tuition is indexed to a level based on a family’s ability to pay. This allows us to make progressive, nature-immersive education affordable for many more families. The Garden School uses an independent financial consultant, TADS, in order to provide the applicant with confidentiality and third party objectivity. Indexed tuition may be obtained through TADS during the regular registration period.  The TADS application must be completed in its entirety, along with the processing fee as required by TADS. The Garden School does not receive your personal financial information. The family applying to have their tuition indexed must have completed their application to The Garden School of Marietta and registered their child before having their tuition indexed accordingly.

Program Guidelines

  1. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to request indexed tuition information.

  2. The application must be completed in its entirety through TADS (The Garden School’s third party administrator), along with the processing fee as required by TADS.

  3. Indexed tuition will be awarded by The Garden School based on recommendations from TADS, and on student and family history. The school does not receive your completed application, only the recommendations made by the independent consultant.

  4. The parent or guardian will be notified by the school regarding the level of tuition payable by the family.

  5. Each year a parent or guardian would need to re-apply for the next school year to assess how their tuition will be indexed for that year. 

We operate as a parent co-op in that we expect an adult from each family to:

  • Participate in one of our three parent committees

  • Attend at least one adult education event per semester

  • Attend at least three community work days per year

  • Fill at least three festival volunteer slots during the year

  • Provide snack and linens service for your child's class one week each semester

We also offer a limited number of cooperative work-exchange options which can decrease tuition by up to 20% by taking on a part-time volunteer job at The Garden School.

In addition to applying for indexed tuition, we expect families to explore other possibilities for funding their child’s education, including contributions from relatives and employment and lifestyle adjustments. Our indexed tuition grants are capped at 50% of tuition. Because of the 50% limit, it is important that our financial aid applicants are prepared to sustain enrollment year to year within the parameters of our indexed tuition grants.