Waldorf Teacher Training & Professional Development Offerings

From Center for Anthroposophy and W.I.S.E


Working out of the science of the spirit pioneered by Rudolf Steiner, the Center for Anthroposophy offers innovative adult education programs. Since 1995, CfA has supported schools worldwide by continually preparing and renewing Waldorf teachers and those who stand with them as administrators, trustees, parents and friends.

W.I.S.E is a progressive organization seeking to bring an authentic, indigenous program of Waldorf teacher training and adult education to the southeastern United States.

Whether you aspire to a future as a Waldorf educator, desire a deeper understanding of your child’s experience as a Waldorf student, or feel called to a path of inner development to cultivate and magnify your own artistic and spiritual capacities, we invite you to join us for a lively, collaborative journey of growth and exploration!



Formerly know as Foundation Studies, Explorations is an introductory level course in the artistic and contemplative practices of anthroposophy. It is the first step for those seeking a Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate, and also a popular self-enrichment experience for parents, board members, and other adults associated with the Waldorf Community.

A series of weekend workshops emphasizing the practical and fine arts constitute the core or “hub” of this program - starting Friday evening and lasting through Sunday lunchtime. Led by seasoned Waldorf teachers with long experience teaching adults, these seminars will invite participants into Themselves through drawing, painting, sculpture, speech, singing, as well as spatial dynamics and eurythmy.

Evening seminars and webinars will explore some of the basic texts of anthroposophical movement, and the meditative and contemplative practices of Rudolf Steiner, providing an opportunity for forging and deepening connections with one another and with our own truest selves.

Weekend Workshop Dates

  • May 30-31 (this is a Thursday/Friday)

  • September 6-8

  • October 11-13

  • November 8-10

  • January 17-19, 2020

Evening seminars and webinars run August-January and dates will be announced in May.

The cost for Explorations is $1,700 before May 1st and $2,000 after. Discounts are available for current members of The Garden School community, and a limited number of apprenticeships are available. Register online at wisoutheast.org.



Meeting the needs of students today requires new tools, insights and perspectives. Yet often teachers spend so many waking hours attending to the needs of their students, there is little time left for more than the daily preparation that is absolutely necessary in the moment. We end up asking: How can I find the inner and outer resources to continue? How can I become a better teacher, especially a Waldorf teacher?

Graduates of the Bridges program will have completed the first 7 credits of their Waldorf Teacher Training Certificate and will have the option of transferring to the Antioch University MA program.

Bridges begins in March 2020. Explorations or another Foundations Studies certificate from an AWSNA-approved Waldord teacher training institute is a prerequisite for Bridges to Teacher Training.

The cost for Bridges is $3,200. Discounts are available for members of The Garden School community, and a limited number of apprenticeships are available. Register online at wisoutheast.org.


Summer Seminars

For those educating children using the Waldorf curriculum and approach, this intensive summer seminar provides a stepping stone on your path of professional development. Morning plenary sessions will be complimented by parallel afternoon tracks specializing either in Early Childhood or in the journey of the Grades. Topics include:

  • Educating the Will

  • Storytelling

  • Puppetry

  • Form drawing

  • Collaborative Leadership

  • Effective organization

  • Singing

  • Classroom management

  • Eurythmy

  • Painting

  • Festivals

  • Lesson planning

Monday, June 3 - Friday, June 7: 9am -4pm

The cost for the one-week seminar is $480 and includes lunch. Participants receive a 50% discount on summer camp registration at The Garden School for dependent children.