• A rich curriculum that cultivates each child's innate academic, artistic, practical, and social capacities.

  • Caring, nurturing, highly qualified instructors who stay with their class from year to year, to create long-term learning relationships.

  • Educational experience that celebrates diversity and equips our students to be active and responsible global citizens.

  • Highly personalized instruction and a 10:1 student teacher ratio to ensure that each child has the attention they need to succeed.

  • Nature-immersive approach expands the "classroom" to include 15 acres of woods, wetlands, and gardens.

  • Indexed tuition includes families of diverse backgrounds and means.



Deeply inspired by the Waldorf curriculum and approach, we also incorporate forest schooling, with much of our school day taking place outside and an emphasis on citizen science, anti-bias, entrepreneurship, foreign languages, and inquiry-based exploration.

“In a universe where all life is in movement, where every fact seen in perspective is totally engaging, we impose stillness on lively young bodies, distort reality to dullness, make action drudgery. Those who submit - as the majority does - are conditioned to a life lived without their human birthright: work done with the joy and creativity of love.

But what are schools for if not to make children fall so deeply in love with the world that they really want to learn about it? That is the true business of schools. And if they succeed in it, all other desirable developments follow of themselves.

In a proper school no fact would ever be presented as a soulless one, for the simple reason that there is no such thing. Every facet of reality, discovered where it lives, startles with its wonder, beauty, meaning.

― Marjorie Spock