"My son starts to wiggle in his seat as soon as we pull in to school. He just loves it so much. He is so comfortable and confident in the woods and the beaver marsh -- just everywhere, and I trust his teachers to help him navigate safely." ~ Kindergarten parent

"The Garden School is blessed with excellent teachers, wonderful students, and a fantastic parent community. I'm so excited for my children to have the opportunity to grow up here." ~ Kindergarten and 3rd grade parent

"We love Baby Garden. Our 2 year old is getting more connected with nature because of this class." ~ Baby Garden parent

"We had every intention of exclusively homeschooling our children because we truly felt that we could offer them more at home than they could receive in the public school system. Those plans quickly changed when we found The Garden. We now have a school that can give them more than we possibly could at home. We are so thankful to have the love, support, and wisdom from the community at The Garden." ~ Kindergarten parent

"Every morning when the school bus passes my house I fall to my knees in gratitude that my children aren't on it. They would be miserable at a mainstream school, but at The Garden they have the space to shine and are cherished members of their classes." ~ 1st and 4th grade parent.