Environmental Art Festival: April 20, 2018

In celebration of Earth Day, we held our first-ever Environmental Arts Festival. Students and parents walked a new art ribbon trail that Ki Sonya cut through the pine forest and along the mowed right of way. They saw art displayed along the trail and voted for their three favorites. The People's Choice Awards will be announced at lunch on Tuesday. Parents may pick up their child's art on Wednesday at morning drop-off.

The artwork displayed included drawings, paintings, sculptures, pottery, and mobiles. We also displayed the garden rocks painted by the kindergarten students, the tile mosaics created by the grades students, and our Nature at Night wildlife posters.

Ki Sonya had an exhibit of photos of her dog Story with quotes about dogs. Teachers and students from the Purple Elephant Art Studio painted one of our tall storm drains in the right of way along the creek. Other young artists will have an opportunity to paint more of the storm drains this summer.

We send out a BIG thank you to all the parents and staff who helped set up and take down and who walked through the art show and voted for your favorites. Ki Jasmine and Chef Nina provided delicious refreshments and picnic lunch for us. The weather was as pretty as it could be. It was an "art-tastic" day!

Ideas for Art as a Family    From Beth Prigge, Art Educator

-You don’t have to be an artist to make art

-Focus more on the process of making art than the outcome. 

-Special art materials are not required to create art. 

-Use the end of toilet paper tubes to stamp into paint and create a painting of circles. 

-Use scissors outside to work on cutting skills and trim grass or weeds. 

-Look in your pantry for dried pasta, beans or rice and create a colorful sensory experience by dying them different colors

-Try stamping with the ends of fruits and veggies. If you make a food paint they can be eaten afterwards. 

Check out Andy Goldsworthy, an artist who uses only materials found in nature to create beautiful art!