Homeschool: August 13 - 17

The HomeSchool group took advantage of the abundant sunshine this week to take a full tour of the school campus, play King of the Mulch Pile with beach balls, draw in our nature journals, play the Fire Brigade water game, eat delicious watermelon, feed watermelon rinds to the goats and donkeys, explore our new stretch of creek, and do some hot yoga! We sang songs, including I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, Swinging Along The Open Road, Let Us Sing Together, and If You Can't Say Something Nice. We told a collective story about a boy and girl who went on a journey with a number of different insects. Ask your child to try to name the nine insects that went on the journey!

We have a field trip opportunity for Bear, Helene, and Ollie. They will get to go with Ki Kathee's class to see the play The Phantom Tollbooth, playing at Cobb Galleria on Wednesday, October 17th at 10:15am. Please let me know by August 28th if each of these three students can attend. We will send you updates on the departure time, appropriate dress, etc.

If you would like to chaperone and drive on The Phantom Tollbooth field trip, you will have to be cleared as a volunteer with a background check. If you want to help with future field trips, attend HomeSchool activities, participate in Girl Scout programs, or serve as a substitute teacher, you will need to be an approved volunteer. Please check in with the front desk to get the forms needed to start this process. 

Because it is so warm, we are taking a Water Bottle Check regularly, in which we take a break and each drink 10 big sips of water before going on to the next activity.

Next week please wear clothes that can get muddy and your mud boots on Tuesday as we will be going into the wetland. Bring a change of shoes and socks for Tuesday too. For Thursday, wear your swimsuit (under shirt and shorts) to school with water shoes and bring a full change of clothes including socks. On that day we will be doing a Creek Crawl. 

Don't forget to bring back your yoga mat. We are working on a good place to store them in the Fern Room so we do not have to ferry them back and forth each week. Be sure to bring an art project you would like to display if you have not already done so!

Please put your name on backpacks, lunch bags, water bottles, boots, rain jackets, and yoga mats so we can keep up with everyone's gear (less lost, more found!).

Next week we will discuss and draw insects. We'll be singing The Insect Song.

A BIG thank you to the Banz family and Maher family for helping to clear our new HomeSchool trail, prep the blackboard in our outdoor classroom, the Privet Pocket, and create seats and table on our lunchtime beach at the creek. A HUGE thank you to the Fields family for leading us in a beautiful smudging ceremony for our new classroom, the Blue Sky Room.

Looking forward to the next week!

Ki Sonya