Lower Grades: May 6 - 10

Thank you all for your loving thoughts and prayers.  Each one has meant the world to me.  Thank you also for the sweet and thoughtful teacher appreciation gifts.  Each of your children is a special and important part of our class and community and it is my absolute pleasure to share their school days with them! ❤

 The Lower Grades kept busy during their last full week as first graders!  They finished up form drawing with Ki Aja and enjoyed time in the creek.  We are working to finished up for our Master Books that are about to be bound.  Our class was able to host a trial class for ASL on Friday and they loved that experience!

As the school year closes, each day is enjoyed more fully knowing it will be several weeks until we are together again.  This sends an interesting range of emotions and experiences through the class.  Being both excited and sad for this school year to come to a close can send some children’s emotions on the roller coaster.  If you find this happening with your child, please reassure them this is normal and that all will be well! 😊

 For our final week, we will spend lots of time IN the creek (weather permitting) and enjoying our favorite activities. Please send ample extra clothes.  Please also plan on coming to the shed to help collect your child’s belongings and check lost and found for a final time.  

Wednesday is Field Day and THURSDAY, our last day of school, IS A HALF DAY! 😊


Ki Melissa