Joyful Beginnings: August 12 - 16

This week we had a lot of eager kitchen helpers. The students chopped carrots, celery, and apples for our morning snacks. On Wednesday, they kneaded their own corn tortillas and ate them fresh from the oven. We fed the animals in the garden and skipped through the forest to the shady forest playground. The students explored the swings, had fun in the mud kitchen, and helped the Kindergarten students to dig a big hole in search for dinosaur bones.

Overall, the children are becoming comfortable attending Joyful Beginnings and are easing into our daily routine. As parents, you can help your child thrive at home by establishing healthy routines and fostering creative and imaginative play by limiting TV and other media exposure.

On Tuesday, Ki Ieva flew to Latvia to attend her sister's wedding. Ki Holly will be stepping in for Ki Ieva until her return on Monday, August 26. Please make sure that send your child to school with a filled water bottle every day and that bottles and snack containers are labeled with your child's name.