Middle Grades: Jan 28 - Feb 1

I was very proud of our students at the assembly on Friday. Many thanks to Kate Brown, my sub for two days, who helped them get ready for their presentation. 

If your child has not yet finished their book report, please help them get them back to me this week. And the initial research for the model houses should be beginning this week if you haven’t already started to talk about it. Each child will need to write about their model house - answering the five major questions - who, what, why, when, where, with an emphasis on the geography of the area where these homes are built, including weather. 

During the next two weeks I will be introducing types of dwellings from around the world, and give their historical context through stories about the people who live in them. When the weather permits, we will be gathering mud for our brick and mortar projects as well as a small demonstration of waddle and daub technique. 

Now that it’s February we will spend some time looking at gardening books and seed catalogs in preparation for our gardening, and we will be gathering materials for the entire school to do a seed starting project. If you have half a bag of seed starting soil mixture that you’d like to donate for our projects, we would be very grateful. 

Please continue to drill the multiplication tables up to 15x12. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the all school meeting Tuesday night, and  the following week at Parent Conferences. 

Have a wonderful week!!