Meadowgarten: Feb 25 - March 1

Greetings Meadowgarten Families,

We had yet another fun (and muddy!) week in the Meadowgarten.  The week started off sunny and warm.  The forest was busy with activity as always.  Two students discovered how to make music in nature, hitting sticks against a fallen log.  Both Meadow and Mountain students worked together to create a large pile of supplies, in hopes of building a tree house in the near future.  Everyone enjoyed squishing their boots in the mud and the mud kitchen was as busy as ever with a vast supply of muddy water for all of their bakery delights.  

The students enjoyed making birdfeeders this week.  We cut mandarin oranges in half, ate the inside of the orange and used the peel as a cup to hold the birdseed.  Some of the feeders are hung by the playground and others are in the forest. We are excited to see the many birds they will attract!  

We did a brief introduction to finger knitting this week and we will introduce it more formally over this next week.  The students were very excited to work with yarn and a few were able to bring home a piece of their work.  We will continue to build this skill until all of the students are comfortable with it. 

We enjoyed Creature Feature on Thursday, which was presented by our very own Christopher Sanchez and his mom, Erin. The students were able to pet Christopher’s tortoise and bearded dragon.  They learned a lot of valuable information about these wonderful animals!  We are thankful to the Sanchez family for sharing their beloved pets with us!  

First Friday assembly was wonderful as always!  The Meadowgarten did a fantastic job reciting our new Spring Verse and singing Sol Solesito in Spanish.  We were very proud of them!  

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us.  We love watching them grow and play each day!


 Ki Amy and Ki Holly