Joyful Beginnings: April 8 - 12

First week back from the Spring Break. I could tell that on Monday everyone was excited to play again with their friends. The kids had more energy for games indoors and outdoors. I and Ki Whitney were so excited to see them being so energetic and playful on their return.

We started a new song and a fairy tale about three bears. Kids will continue to learn these during the upcoming weeks.

On Wednesday we celebrated Julia’s birthday. She turned three years old. Her mom visited our group to celebrate this event together with her classmates.

On Thursday we had a special guest - a German-trained dog. Now he lives and works in Georgia with the special bomb detection unit of the police.

On Friday, we planted new flowers - sunflowers. We hope that these will grow taller than all of us, even Ki Ieva and Ki Whitney. We also reaped the fruits of our earlier labor, in this case, vegetables. We harvested our first batch of radishes from our garden. Some even tried them:)