Middle Grades: August 12 - 16

We had a great week: new handwork project, music listening to identify the instruments of the orchestra, 1st steps to writing poetry, lots of math review, including a project today to discover all of the prime numbers up to 100, form drawing prep for cursive writing, silent reading, taking a verb from past to present to (to be) plus gerund and then writing sentences with each word, feeding chickens, leaf identification, braiding with embroidery thread, and creek exploration.

Next week will be even more packed. We will be moving to our outdoor classroom - the new floating classroom, so please be sure each child has their sunscreen, water bottle, and DEET-free bug spray. Our plan is to go straight to the classroom after we do our farm chores and stay until right before foreign language. Check to make sure the ponchos are in backpacks, in case we have a sudden shower. There will be a spelling test on Tuesday, and each child will be asked to recite the 7s multiplication tables up to 12 by the end of the week. We will be painting and drawing in addition to our other activities, and we’ll hopefully have our first ASL lesson.

Have a great week yourselves, and don’t forget to read with your child EVERY DAY!!!!!