Joyful Beginnings: Jan 22 - 25

Our class welcomed a new student - Julia. She has adapted to our classroom very well. She made friends quickly.

The cold weather brought us to ice covered puddles. We went exploring to find this winter treasure. Kids threw stones on the ices to see and hear how they bounced off the glassy surface of the ice. We also observed how the sun slowly melts the ice turning it back into puddles.

We also continued our wintry theme by discussing tiny frost angels. We recited the poem about these angels and their cold touch on our noses. The cold weather on our walks allowed us to experience it ourselves.

Thursday we had a guest at our school. A young lady brought her lizard, snake, frog, and tortoise. She told us of the important role these creatures play in our ecosystem. Kids were excited seeing and being able to touch the creatures.

This week we will have a new snack signup sheet. Please also make sure to sign-up for a conference time as well.