Mountaingarten: Jan 14 - 18

Dear Mountaingarten parents,

It’s wonderful to be back to school after a very lengthy break! We were really missing the children and happy to see everyone back and healthy! 

It didn’t take us long to get back into the swing of things. We had a few new surprises this past week too which made it extra exciting. Our new Spanish teacher, Ki Evelyn, joined us and seemed to hit it off really well with the children. 

We also got to experience various train layouts from the Southern Museum of Kennesaw, the children especially loved the freight train that was carrying various dinosaurs which they could name! Ki Aja has started the Golden Knights, which the older kids have been asking about and looking forward to for a long time now- they’re working on letters, drawings, and this week they took a nature walk and looked for letter shapes in nature. 

A gentle reminder- this Saturday we have a community work day for those who are able to come lend a helping hand or two! 

May all be well  :-) 


Ki Fatima & Ki Aja