Second Grade: September 30 - October 4

The second grade class finished up their first Saints block learning about St. Clare and St. Francis. They wrote and drew about these saints and the selfless lives they led. During this language block, we practice various reading/spelling words, reviewed various letter formation and worked on sentence structure.

The students worked in their math journals on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. During this time, we focused on numeral formation and fact families. The children have been copying fact families from the board and many of them are now able to create their own from the three given numbers. On Tuesday and Thursday, they wrote in their journals about fall break and their siblings. The children are working on hearing and writing those sounds to spell words. Both journals have been wonderful experiences thus far.

Next week we will start our math block. This involves less writing typically, and many more games!

Thank you for signing up for conferences. If you haven’t yet, please check your email for a link. Thank you also for those parents who were able to attend our class night! We will hold another in the spring to focus on the coming awakening for many of your children as they leave the dreamy land of early childhood.

The cooler temperatures will (hopefully) start next week! Please send sweaters and rubber-bottomed slippers! The dome is cool in the early morning! Label everything!!

With gratitude,