Meadowgarten: April 8 - 12

Greetings Meadowgarten Families!

We enjoyed a very warm week in the Meadowgarten, with the children asking when we will start swimming in the creek!  We have enjoyed observing the signs of spring all over the school grounds.  The ducks have returned to the pond and wetlands, there is a bird nest with baby birds in the garden, and the vegetable garden is growing and growing before our eyes.  

We planted a small herb garden of our own, starting with spearmint and basil and we will plant more seeds next week. We look forward to using the mint in iced herbal tea to enjoy during snack time.  This was our second week sharing soup with our Joyful Beginnings friends and we are so happy that they are able to be with us.  Ki Ieva gave us some radishes from their garden and the children enjoyed the fresh, crisp and spicy taste.  

On Tuesday, Ki Holly made some dough for the children to practice kneading.  She took the extra dough home and cooked mini tortillas for everyone to try on Wednesday as part of our snack.  They were very yummy!

On Thursday, we enjoyed a wonderful Creature Feature.  We met sweet Norbo, a K-9 working with the Cobb County Police.  We learned that he works hard to ensure that stadiums and other public places are safe by sniffing for explosives. Norbo understands very well when he is working and when he is playing.  When he has his police vest on, he is working and when the vest is off, he is like any other dog, wanting to chew his toy and have his ears scratched. All of the students were able to pet Norbo and they loved the experience!

 On Friday, even though it was warm, we made a fire in the forest so that we could pop some popcorn for our snack, which we enjoyed with sweet, juicy apples.

In the forest the children played tag, made beautiful and fun creations in the mud kitchen and the sandbox, collected nature treasures and climbed trees.  Inside play was fun too, dressing up with silks and balancing on our new sensory pads, giving to us by Ki Melissa.

Along with all of the beautiful signs of Spring, we are also noticing the return of mosquitoes. Please send bug spray to school with your child.  Also, the sun is getting warmer so please apply sunscreen to your child prior to school.  We can help them reapply as necessary, especially since the sun is warmest in the afternoon.  


Ki Amy and Ki Holly