Mountaingarten: Feb 4 - 8

Dear Mountaingarten families,

We are grateful for having another good week behind us.  We enjoyed a wonderful spring-like day midweek, followed by the cold again! The children have had fun determining what season it feels like during our morning circle over the course of the week.

In the garden, the children fed the animals, mined for crystals, repaired the little bridge, made stone soup, and saw the new daffodils blooming in bunches. We collected a few and placed them in a glass to brighten up our classroom.

In the forest, the children made their own workstation. They excavated a giant rock that they discovered is easy to break into pieces. Together they worked to turn the stone into sand. They’ve made quiet a pile!

We also enjoyed what the children brought for show and tell including stones, stones carved into the shape of a dinosaur, a song, and a seashell.

Inside the classroom some of us drew and finger knitted. Sungarten liked turning the two kindergarten classrooms into one large classroom on Tuesday and Thursday. The children learned a story during the course of the week about a man and his dog named Spot, who rescued a little bird.  

We celebrated Pauls’s 6th birthday this week too. Happy birthday Pauls! Thank you for the delicious brownies.

We hope everyone has a good week ahead. Some rainy days are upon us so please make sure your child comes to school with waterproof boots!

Thank you and may you be well,

Ki Fatima & Ki Aja

If you are buying fruits and vegetables for the week, please buy organic if possible and available, especially if the fruit or veggie is on the dirty dozen list.

Also, for those who are bringing in treats for birthdays. Kindly send us the ingredient list or post them on the Facebook families group so that we can see who may want to pack a separate treat for their child. Thank you!