First Grade: September 16 - 20

Hello First Grade Families! 

I lift my arms to the clear blue sky,

I stretch them wide and I stretch them high.

Firmly on the earth I stand,

To my neighbor I give my hand.

We are still on our second block of language arts which will end next week (the beginning of October). Last week, we went over the letters s, t and m. The children did a beautiful job with making their sounds, and forming them into the words I put on the board. They heard stories such as Strong Hans and a Tale of the City Mouse and Country Mouse.

We continue to do math games where we are adding and subtracting using gems, cards and dominoes.

The children now have different seating arrangements and are getting used to their new friends next to them.


October 3rd is parent night at 6:30. We will meet outside at the picnic tables.

Please continue to bring change of clothes as we will be continuing to go to the creek until it gets cooler outside.

Thank you,

Ki Aja